Creating 5-Figure Businesses by Selling Software

A few hours ago I talked about how you can
profit from selling software that local businesses
badly need.

Trust me, most of these businesses won’t admit
it but they need automation to keep their
businesses efficient and running in tip top shape.

The only problem is they don’t know where
they’ll be able to source these apps.

Now, in the internet marketing industry we’re
pretty much exposed to these stuff all the time.
And we might not be in the software creation
business directly but somehow we’re in the
software industry.

Let’s use that to our advantage. Imagine talking
to a business that needs a lead gen software and
we know we can get our hands with one of those
for less than $100. We buy it and sell it for $500 –
we profit $400+ from that single sale.

Now, each time the business needs something to
make their operations better, they get from you.
Start talking to more and more businesses and
you’ll be the guy looking for cheap software that
they actually need.

Custom software will cost them thousands but if
they can get it from you at a fraction of that price
then it’s always a no-brainer decision.

No need to create your own software, no need to
think about features and all that. Just buy, sell,
and profit – easy.