How to sell more on Amazon with “bundles”

Hey everyone, Dave & Chris from AmaSuite ..
We’ve found a nifty way to sell more on Amazon
using this new software that helps you create “bundles”
(works for affiliates or sellers).
We filmed a brief video and you have to watch
how it works – this is awesome.
If you’re an Amazon affiliate .. you can use bundles
to recommend more products at once (so you
can earn more commissions).
If you’re an Amazon seller .. you can use bundles
to sell combinations of your own products so that
your listings will show up on the “frequently bought together”
section  on Amazon.
Don’t know what that is?
We explain it all in this video and whether you’re an
Amazon affiliate or an Amazon seller this new
software can really boost your marketing!
Watch this and tell us what you think:
This software is currently on a new launch discount
so make sure you watch this video soon.
This is a great way to earn more as an Amazon affiliate
or Amazon seller by using bundles on your website:
Plus, we are also offering several bonuses if you decide
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To get your bonuses look for your customer area in
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Thanks .. and to your success,
Dave Guindon,
BEng, MASc in Engineering
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Chris Guthrie,
Amazon Affiliate Expert
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